Police Radar Operator Error

Police Radar Operator Error explains everything a police officer running radar should, but doesn’t always, know or remember to practice. Not following basic procedures can and does lead to mistakes and errors. Once you read this book many mistakes (misuse) will become obvious.

It’s easy to recognize improper radar or lidar use by first understanding basic operational procedures. Learn about microwave and laser radar limitations, errors, and misinterpretation of readings resulting from improper use or a lack of understanding.

Microwave and laser radars are precision instruments that accurately measure speed – when used properly, as designed. Design constraints limit how the radar or lidar should be located and used. Some police operate outside design limits unknowingly or to hide from motorist, resulting in unreliable readings easy to misinterpret.

This book includes a basic description of microwave and laser radars, and their differences. Correct setup procedures are explained, and results when protocol is not followed. Results vary from speed errors to mis-identified vehicles. Many errors are predictable knowing just the general setup.

Victims of microwave radar or laser radar (lidar), and police, will appreciate the easy to follow and understand information not found in radar or lidar user manuals or specifications.

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